To say that NFL players are stoic and detached and play

Sundays is to ignore the fact that Donte Moncrief Jersey , well, these are human beings playing a violent game surrounded by 65,000 other human..."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Jaguars Free Agency 2016Jaguars Film RoomNFL DraftJaguars Injury NewsLatest NewsJaguars defensive players in huddle to each other between plays: ‘Man, get the crowd hyped!’New,3commentsByRyan Day@ryaneatscakeDec3, 2018, 10:09am ESTShareTweetShareShareJaguars defensive players in huddle to each other between plays: ‘Man , get the crowd hyped!’Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY SportsTo say that NFL players are stoic and detached and play in a vacuum on Sundays is to ignore the fact that, well, these are human beings playing a violent game surrounded by 65,000 other human beings shouting, yelling, and screaming them on.That’s why it’s refreshing when one of them has the self awareness to not only observe when the relationship between fan and player is tangible, but to participate in it.When asked how he felt about the energy of the fans and players Womens Leonard Fournette Jersey , defensive end Yannick Ngakoue made one thing very clear — the Jacksonville Jaguars players fed off the fans at TIAA Bank Field yesterday.“You could tell, when I was looking in the huddle to my left, personally, I could just see everybody was locked in, everybody was ready to go. Myles [Jack] told me, he said, ‘man Barry Church Jersey , get the crowd hyped,’ and I went over there and got the crowd hyped and just feeding off their energy ... It was great to just get them a win so they could celebrate as well. We’ve got to do it for the city.”Yannick also articulated what was clear to anyone who watched the game yesterday — the players had a different energy headed into yesterday’s game. It was an unbridled, bordering on angry, passion that forced a few unsportsmanlike penalties but also shut out a good offense in the Indianapolis Colts. “When I walked into this locker room this morning, I just felt the different type of energy from everybody. I could tell, regardless of what we were going through during the season, I could tell guys wanted to come out here and win , so that was really important to me and I was really happy and pleased to see that today.”Yesterday was a special kind of performance from the Jaguars. It was an homage to their 2017 style of play — confident, physical, and bordering on reckless. The Jacksonville Jaguars have decided to go back to quarterback Blake Bortles for the finale against the Houston Texans, announcing on Wednesday that he would make the start. It’s not too much of a surprise, given how ineffective the offense remained after he was benched in favor of Cody Kessler.Kessler was pulled from the game on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins, where after the opening touchdown drive, the offense went nonexistent. Bortles was inserted into the game and ran a few read option plays and led the team to a go-ahead field goal Womens Brad Nortman Jersey , and the game was later cemented for the Jaguars with a Telvin Smith pick-six.Bortles was benched after the Jaguars lost to the Buffalo Bills a few weeks ago and most figured that was the last we would see of Bortles as a Jaguars player barring injury. While Kessler didn’t necessarily get injured, it was clear with the state of the Jaguars offense as it is right now, he was just going to get hit repeatedly when dropping back to pass. Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone intimated as much in his post game press conference when he explained why he went back to Bortles. That same line of thought went into his decision for this Sunday against the Texans as he said that Bortles’ mobility was a big reason he’ll be the starter for the season finale.
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